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alright on the side of my amp i have 2 nobs taht say HPF and LPF and i can adjusst them by turning the nobs, there is also a switch, you can have the switch pointing to one of 3 things: HPF LPF or FULL, i keep it on full bc thats what it was one hwen i got it, but i found that when it is on HPF it is a lot louder and deeper, what does HPF and LPF mean? and would it be bad to keep it on HPF? would taht mess anything up?

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What are your running off the amp, subwoofer or speakers? And what is your current setup? (speakers,subwoofers,amps)

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HPF means high pass filter, this only lets the higher music threw, the nob on the hpf should say somthing like 20-300hz, if are runing mids and highs then this is what you need, this will allow you to cut off the bass to your mid so you can turn them up louder without distortion, if you are running subs, the put the switch on LPF and turn it to 80hz on the nob. by the way. THE GAIN IS NOT A VOLUME NOB
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