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I had an earlier post and w/ some help was going to run the PPI pcx-4125, but out of the blue I got this amp for free, Kicker zx460.

Is this an alright amp if this is what I got:

Car: '94 Accord
Fronts (6 1/2): 60.5cs Infinity Kappas , 90 rms
tweeters , 50 rms
Rears (6x9): 9602i Infinity Reference , 100 rms
Sub (12"): 1 JL Audio 12W3v2 , 300 rms

If it is which amp would be good to run the sub, b/c I was thinking of the Kicker zr240?

And if it won't do I'll end up sticking w/ the PPI's and get it for $400

Thanks again for advice

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The Kicker should work. How did you get that amp for free?

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As long as it wasn't the "five" finger method then it's okay.
As far as amp comparison, PPI's would've been far better, not only in SQ, but also in power.
The Kicker is only 30w rms. Barely beating out your stock radio, which is 18w-20w rms average.
So yes you will see some improvement, but not really worth the trouble of getting power wire kit, spending time installing or paying someone.

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Just bridge the thing into your kappas for 2x120 and run your 6x9's off the h/u for rear fill. You'll lose some midbass but will make up for it in vastly improved imaging. Equally powered rear 6x9's will destroy that for you.


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When I went to LA over the weekend I got lucky b/c my cousin just upgraded his system so he gave me these for free.
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