my car stereo was working perfectly for a bout 6 months then the amp started cutting out a lot, so i bought new wire set up and it works now but when i turn my stereo on the subs make a quick thud noise right when i turn it on and also when i skip through tracks. also it seemes not to hit nearly as hard as before and some deeper bass is real quiet. i thaught maybe it was crossed somewhere or the ground was coming loose but both are not the case... please help me.

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When you first turn it on it will make a noise so dont worry about that, but your bass dosn't hit as hard hay? thats strange it could be you amp or maybe you wrecked your subs when the amp kept cutting out. Is the sound distorted? if so yep its stuffed. I would go back and make sure every thing is connected propley and that your using 4 gauge wire for the remote and 8 gauge wire for the +12v and Ground, also make sure your speaker wire is good I bought cheap crappy stuff and the wire was split inside the plastic??????
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