Could a high output Alt. mess up my truck???


i am looking to get a high output alt to put in my truck (about 200A maybe more)....and i need to know if doing this might mess up the stock wire harness in the truck???

could the wires in the truck turn to a burning chunk of molten copper?????


only the power wire could burn up if you have a small guage wire to your battery or voltage regulator. Most high output alternators are stock replacements and require no modifications. The idle speed might be messed up and would require some ajustments.

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for a 200A alternator, use 1/0AWG ground and power lines, and you'll be fine.
all of the rest aren't high current lines so it's not an issue.

but if i have nothing in my audio system runnin could the alt over charge the electrical sys. in my truck????

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No, the output is controled by a Diode-trio which stops power production when the battery is fully charged. If you are really worried about your wiring, you should buy a dual output alternator and second battery (gel cell battery) instead of upping the power from a single alt.

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the output voltage of the alternator is controlled by the regulator which keeps voltage at or below 14.4 volts.
current is a supply on demand thing, so it won't have any adverse effect on the vehicle.
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