Really big switches?


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I used to have switches right on the power lines going out to my amps. No big deal, each amp only had 30 amp fuses, you can get 30 amp switches at Radio Shack. Now I'm going through a total upgrade, and I'm gonna be running probably 2 gauge back, and then a dist. block off of that. My question is, does anybody know where I could fine some really really big switches that I could put on the power line? I don't like putting switches on the remote line, I like being able to cut all the power off. I'm gonna need something that can take like 100 or 150 amps.

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Well, I'm pretty sure I'm not gonna find any kind of switch that can handle that kind of power. Biggest toggle I've ever seen was 50 amps.

Now I'm wondering about a Battery Master switch? It should work great for what I want, shouldn't it?

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Just in case you haven't checked I posted this link in the subwoofer section: &cmCat=SearchResults


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Dude, ever heard of a relay?
A relay is a switch that is designed to use a small amp current (through a small switch) to open and close a high-amp circuit. That means you can use a low current switch to turn a high current circuit on and off. They are pretty simple to set up. They are usually a small box that has 4 connectors. 2 for the in-out of the low-amp circuit and 2 for the in-out of the high-amp circuit.
You can find them to handle a wide range of amperage levels. The ones I used to wire my push-button start could handle up to 50 amps. That is your main concern, though... finding on that can handle more than the peak amperage of your high-amp wire.
Keep in mind though; anything you stick in your power lines will reduce the power going to your amps. I get my relays from an electronics supply store (should be easy enough to find). If I were you, I'd use as large a relay (within reason) as I could find to reduce voltage drop from the relay. You might not be able to find a suitable relay at one of the stores, and might have to source it elsewhere.

Hope that helped...

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If you want to kill two birds with one stone, you can try one of these...

They come in a few different sizes and would allow you to replace the cartridge/ANL fuse with a product you can reset if you surpass the amperage limit. You can also use it as a switch if you depress the "test" button. It will "turn off" the power. I have used these on a few installs and they work great. Hook this up in-line with your first leg of wire within 12" of your battery. On the opposite post, run the remainder out to your distrobution block/cap/amp, or whatever it is going to. There are quite a few companies that make them and I am sure if you look around you will find one that fits your exact Amperage need. If you don't want to raise the hood to disconnect it, then put an additional one inside the cab of the vehicle or use a relay like suggested earlier.
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