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I just wanted to say thanks for all of the help ya'll have given me over the past few months. I purchased all of my equipment and I'm in the process of intstalling it now. If it wasn't for some education from this forum and a couple of other sources including the forum and, I'd have a car full of sony and pyramid crap!! Now, I think I have put together a pretty decent first system. I did it all for under $1000 too. Here it is:

Alpine CDA-9827
Memphis 16-st3004 75x4 @ 4ohms
Infinity Reference 6000cs 6.5" component set
Atlas 12 - custom built sealed enclosure
Stinger 14ga twisted-pair Speaker Wire
Audiobahn twisted-pair RCA's
120 sq ft eDead sound deadening
100 sq ft 8 lb carpet padding
4ga "Big 3" upgrade

ok. here are the pics.

for the speaker pods, it took some work. the stock speaker location was in the dash - 4" speakers. i thought about kicks, but there wasnt enough room, so i cut a whole in the door panel and the metal of the door. i then had 1.25" of mounting depth before the window mechanism. so i cut a couple of 5/8" pieces of fiber board and glued them together with gorilla glue, giving me another 1.25" of mounting depth. I covered them in speaker grill cloth and bolted them to the doors. i ran the wires through the existing holes where the power window wires ran (took some squeezing) and mounted the crossovers in the dash where the stock 4" speakers were. i also covered the speaker grill in the same cloth to match.

Here's the Alpine CDA-9827. nothing fancy, but great sound

Still got a lot of work to do in the back. I'm building storage boxes on the side that will blend in to the sub box in the middle, which will have an amp rack that will fold up and lock away the amp and sub for security when i have the top off of the 4Runner in the summer.
You can see the carpet padding installed. I put eDead all over the inside of the truck, except the ceiling, and i put two layers up front and in the doors. I then used 3M spray adhesive to put the carpet padding on the sides, floor, and inner firewall.

Here you can see the memphis amp in stealth mode, hiding under some speaker grill cloth until i can build the amp rack.

Here's a shot of the memphis out of stealth mode

It's coming along well so far and I cant wait till i finish the back so I can hear my ATLAS!! I'll keep ya'll posted, and thanks again.

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NICE WORK MAN! looks good, I like those front doors really nice job:-)

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thanks james. they came out alright. maybe next time i'll try some fiberglass, and there will be a next time b/c i really only have about 2 3/8" mounting depth with these, and you know i have to upgrade eventually:-)

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doesn't it just feel better knowing you did it yourself?
i like the way the door fabric and speaker cloth look like they were installed together.
Post more pix when you finish the rear...
great work!
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