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-First, I'm wondering if I buy an amp, for example, the Infinity Reference 5761a that puts out 111 watts rms, would it be bad to use on speakers that have reccomended rms power of 90 watts, like the Infinity Reference 6000cs ?
-Also, should I really go for the upgrade and buy Kappa conponent and 6X9, are the kappas worth it even though they still have a bit more power rms and still under the 111 that the Infinity Reference 5761a amp puts out?
-Also, could underpowering speakers, say putting only 40 watts rms to speakers that recommend power rms is 90 watts, damage the speaker ?
-I was thinking about buying the speakers online instead of circuit city cause of the money I would save, but I was wondering if I should spend the extra money and buy it at the store so that I could buy the extended warranty, in case I blow or damage them ?
-Sorry for all the long worded questions, just wanted to explain myself good. I would appreciate any helpful answer from anyone who knows allot about car audio. Thanks allot.

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111 isn't that much more then 90, so you should be fine. just adjust the gains right.
the kappas are good speakers, but whether they are better sounding then the lower model, thats up to your ears
underpowering speakers usually isn't that bad, but underpowering subs is
if your worried about blowing them that much, then go ahead and get them from a store near you. but that extended warranty is really just for convience, rather then mailing them to the manufacturer, you just take them to the store and they give you another pair and they mail the speakers off, get them back refurbed and resell them.
hopefully this will help ya, i'm sure you'll get other input too

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jose, any of the infinity components will handle 111 watts just fine, especially from an infinity amp. they tend to overate their amps. you may want to look for a different brand amp than infinity; they make outstanding speakers, but they are known to come up short when it comes to making amps.

i have the 6000cs set and i am pleased with them. they aren't the best i've heard, but i needed something with a shallow mounting depth, and for the price I thought they sounded real good. however, i have heard that the kappa series is a lot better and definitely worth the few extra bucks. you'll want to listen to them and see what sounds best to you. the kappas have a hard-dome tweeter, which is a little brighter than the soft dome tweeter in the reference series, so personal preference will dictate which sounds best to you.

40 watts probably wont hurt the speakers, but you'll want something more powerful than that, trust me. look for 75 to 125 watts @ 4 ohms. i was in the same shoes as you not long ago, i kept asking if 40 watts would be enough for 90 watt comps, 50 watts?, 65 watts? people kept telling me over and over to get something with at least 75 watts. i'm very glad i finally listened to them. i'm currently giving my 6000cs' 75 watts, and i often wish i could turn them up louder :-) i know i would have been disappointed if i got a 50 x 4 amp.

hope it helps.
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