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Hello guys, I was doing some research and I stumbled onto this forum. Really nice. I read some articles here and there and you guys seem very helpful and knowledgeable. I bought a Honda Accord two weeks ago and I was looking into changing the stock speakers and slapping on a nice little setup. I want something not too crazy but if I feel like showing off a bit I want to do that also. I was looking on ebay at the infinity kappas before I found the forum. Then I noticed you review them as very good.

Here's the scenario. My car is a Honda Accord coupe. It has tweeters in the dash, 6 ½'s in the doors and 6x9's in the back. I don't want to change the stock radio because the stock one matches the car and I think any changes in the dash would kill it. It also has the 6 disk in dash cd changer so I definitely want to try to keep it stock, which will save me money (I think). Anyways im not looking for competition type of sound I just want something nicer than the stocks. I can get the kappa components and 6x9's for about 250 on ebay. But I also have a friend that has a cousin that own a wholesales company so I was told that I can get both sets for around $200 locally; worst case scenario I can get them for $250. I really have no idea what amp to get for them so I would greatly appreciate suggestions (specifics if possible). And then I need subs. I was looking into the L7's which a 12" runs for no more than $200 online or $250 here in Miami. But god knows if I get crazy I can go for a w7, but then I don't know if I really need it for what I want.

I would greatly appreciate it if you guys could give me a hand at picking this stuff since im kinda new at this and I don't want to blow a lot of money on crap. I rather follow your experienced advice than get screwed by a salesman. Once again thanks a lot guys.

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You can consider an LOC for the stock head unit, there are many out there that will allow you to run an amplifier. Personally, I'd prefer to run front components solely and concentrating my funding on those and an amp to power them. You could possibly get a 4 channel amplifier and bridge the rear output for a subwoofer, saving you money. I personally don't recommend L7s as they have reliability issues, while they do get loud, there are too many issues with the build quality/design of them for me to feel comfortable recommending them to you. How much can you spend on this total?

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I would say around the 700's maybe a little more

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By a loc u mean something like this

or like this

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carlos, as you may know already, jonathan is one the most educated sources on car audio you will find anywhere, so remember what he posts!! j/k, kind of, i actually bookmark a lot of his threads, the info is so good. anyways, i'll throw in my 2 cents b/c i was in the same shoes you were in just a few months ago and these guys gave me some great advice.

my budget was also around $700. i chose to get a 4 channel amp as opposed to two amps b/c it was cheaper (less wiring, etc.) and it did what i was looking to do - something not too crazy, but be able to showoff a little if i felt like it :-) i decided to get a 4 x 75 RMS @ 4 ohm amp or a 4 x 100 amp. i eventually went with the 4 x 75 b/c my alternator is extremely puny and i didnt want to have to get into upgrading all that just yet. your car should be fine with a 4 x 100 amp. you may want to keep you eye out for an orion XTR800 4 channel amp on eBay - killer amp, they usually for for around 200 bucks.

i didnt even worry about rear fill. i had an old pair of beat up 6x9's that i ended up just tossing. however, i had considered keeping them for rear fill, and was advised to just run them off the head unit and put a bandpass crossover on them to keep them from overpowering the the fronts.
here's a good writeup on rear fill:

for subs, i narrowed it down to the infinity perfect, alpine type R, Image Dynamics ID12, Adire Shiva, and the Ascendant Audio Atlas 12. They all have pretty good SQ and decent SPL. I wound up getting the Atlas b/c out of the bunch it best matched my amp's RMS output, and i think it will get a little bit louder than the others too.

well, i hope i helped. my best advice would be to take your time and do plenty of research. i've spent about six months learning, researching, and asking questions, and I learn something new everyday. If I had gotten the first setup that i decided to get back then, I would already be dying for an upgrade:-)

one of my favorite resources:

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Well i was just thinking and i think for now im leaving the stocks until the go bad, like that i have more money to focus on the subwoofer and amp for it. The stocks are not bad, in fact they are good enough for now, so i think ill keep em for a while, we'll see how that goes.

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The Kappa's are nice component's, they are a little to bright for me though. The l7 isn't an sq sub, I would stay away from it unless you want something that is just loud... and thats it!
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