Alpine CDA 9847 and Alpines in general


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I'm thinking of getting this HU. I've never owned an Alpine unit. I've read a lot of reviews of various Alpines and I have some concerns. Some common problems I've read concerning these include:

1) Not being able to see the display in bright sunlight.
2) The display being too bright at nighttime even with the dimmer option enabled.
3) Poor AM radio reception.

Does anyone have this unit, or can give me their general experiences regarding Alpines? Is the sound quality as good as it is reputed to be? Thanks from the learning newbie!

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let me ask you something why do care of am reception i own the cda 7897 wouldnt say go and get about everyone thats owned it is now real upset it broke dont worry its not alpine as a company its cuz the unit i have is so complicated it retracts it to the dash just like a mointor in a hed unit it probably does three wheel motion and cooks pizza too the good thing about alpine is that they will fix the HU if its broke for 95 dollars no matter what. thats where mine is but I got my unit for 40 dollars cuz it was broke the seconds owner did not know it origninally cost 600 his loss

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I have an Alpine CDA-9835. Yes in bright sunlight it is a little difficult to see the options but with the tilt feature you can usually find a spot where it aint bad. During the night it looks awsome, gives off a nice glow whether they have the dimmer or not. for AM radio.... WHY are you listening to that in the first place, and second AM completly relys on your reception the deck has very little to do wit it but mine sounds like any other when i tested it. Hope this helps ya man becase Alpine maks some mean decks and EXELENT customer service.

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just fyi i looked at the 9855 and 9853 today and the i glide seems really cheap, its sad bc i was excited about it but i think i favor the ole push button option

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Several Alpines I have used have all had horrible AM reception.

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I own an Alpine CDA-9833. AM is just about as good as any other deck I've ever owned. And if I haven't owned it, I've probably installed one! (I've installed over 300 systems in my time)

The display depends on where you put it. If it's in an SUV/Truck, then yes, it may get a little annoying, but not any more annoying than any other deck I've seen. It has an awesome tilt control. If your mounting position is relatively low, it should be no problem.

For the sun, yes, they're a pain to read when in direct sun light. But anything but the old analog is going to be a bish to read. Just one of the rough spots yet to be smoothed over.

Hope this helps!

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this is a GREAT unit.... i opted for it when i wanted to upgrade from the 9825.... which had no mp3.... i love the sound of this... and its the best ive ever owned...
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