Best amp under 150$


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Username: Makavelie187

Concord, California Usa

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Registered: Mar-05
i have 2 apline 12" type-E subs n was wondering whats the best amp to get for them to make them slap. i found profile cheap but don't know if there any good

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Username: Alpineuser

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well no profile isnt good..check on ebay. you have 2 250 watt rms subs at 4 ohms so u will need a 500 watt rms @ 2 ohm amp.

this is over 150 but not by much and will get the job done for u %26%26

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Username: Rds11

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check out some internet sights like cardomain, cbrstereo, woofersetc., etronics, and so on. Sonicelectronix is cheap but i dont know how they are ive never heard a review from them.

Profile is a no go. On those above sites you can find some decent amps for pretty cheap like JBL and MTX.

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i have an interifre audio IB2900C amp that is 550 watts rms at 2 ohms if you want to buy it...225 shipped lol

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Username: Invain

Michigan United States

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Jeese, I haven't even heard you say that for a while now. It's been like a whole 4 days. lol

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Username: Hdubb

Farmington, Nm Usa

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good amp for under 150 will be hard to find. maybe a small mtx amp or a hifonics bx500

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Username: Subfanatic

Walton, Ky

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HAHAHA love it...but my mom is making me get rid of all this crap i have in my room...she says im an audiophile or somen..IDK...but i dont wanna take it down to Big poppas who will give me 50 bucks for everyhint F THAT...but do pawn shopps give good deals???...also...if your interested...ill go down to 210 shipped lol...
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