When i use both amps my volume is lower???!!!help


i have 2 amps and when i run one to one of my them and one sub its louder than when i run both subs and both amps.

I have the RCA's run from the HU to the first amp and a 3ft RCA running from the output on that amp to amp #2.....

could it be that my alt. is not big enough to run both amps???

or could it be that the signal from the HU it too low to give both amps the signal they want???

whats wrong here??

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ok since I can't figure out what you're really saying ehre, start out with what the system consists of.
head unit, speakers, and amps.. anything else you're using.

ok....i have the following

HU- pioneer DEHP6400
Amps- 2 600 watt rms amps(not sure of brand)(we'll call them amp1 and amp2...)
Subs- 2 Solobaric L5's

I have the RCA run from the HU to amp1. I have good sound from the one Solo i this amp hooked to when i only hook up one amp...

but when i hook up both amps by running an RCA from amp1's output to amp2's input the overall volume of the both subs is lower that that of the single amp-sub combo....

like this.....(RCA wire = ~~~~~~)


is not as loud as


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one of your subs is out of phase 180deg. ^_^

what.....how could that be???i thought that when a sub was out of phase 180deg it was like the +was hook to the - and visa versa.....

i have one sub on each amp and both subs are dvc 2ohm in par. to get a 1ohm load to each amp...i have + to + and -to- on both sub-amp combos

when both amps a pulged in the subs dont more nearly as much....prolly a -3db or maybe -5db drop in volume!!!
and how can i fix it???....

i have and RCA runnin from amp 1 to amp 2 so that amp 2 gets a signal from the HU. i thought i could maybe run 2 RCA's from the HU, one to each amp???

can someone help me out here????

how do i get my subs in phase?????
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