JL 12" W6v2 + AMP=???? Check this out!


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Hi, I just recently baught the JL 12" W6v2 sub... 400RMS, 800 max. Its a dual 4ohm sub.

Seeing its the only sub im going 2 be running, I need an amp to power it.. preferably to its peak.

Ive been looking around for an amp, and have found it quite hard to decide what i really want.

Is the sub able to be run at 2ohm considering im just running the one sub?
Ive looked on the JL website and their product guide shows how you can changed the jumpers to make it 2ohm... does this mean I can run it at 2ohm straight off the amp??
To find an amp that runs at 400RMS at 4 ohm is quite hard, but there's quite a few round that run at that wattage at 2 ohm.
What do I look for exactly? will I be able to run it off a 500rms amp? what limits can I go to exactly?? Would a mono D block be best??
Anyone that's selling an amp that'll suit this sub please let me know also.
Prices for any suitable amps would be good too.

any comments or suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!

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Ok that sub can only be run at 2ohms or 8ohms. If you have the money get a JL 500/1 to run that sub it will slam it nicely. if not look for anything that does 400-500 at 2ohms. Orion 250HCCA does 400 @2ohms underrated also:-)

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i have a 500/1 and a 10w6v2 and it hurts for one 10. make sure you build a box slighly larger than specs from jl if you want more low end. I built mine 8% larger in size but 3" less length on the port and i peak at 38-40hz
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