KDC-X979...external amp or no?


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Hi everyone.

So I am getting this HU soon and am putting in all new Boston Pros in my Lexus LS400 with a Rockford P5002 powering a 10" sub in back. What I want to know is will this KDC-x979 put out enough clean power to not need a separate amplifier for the regular four speakers in all four doors?

Here's the thing, I had planned on buying a high-end unit and then amping it but 3 different salespeople and 2 install guys at 2 different local shops all said that this HU and really any high-end HU does not need a seperate amp and will sound absolutely amazing so long as you have an amped sub. Since when would a salesman lie to you to talk you into buying LESS? Right?

If this is not true, and the ~20 watt x 4 clean rms coming out of the HU is not enough, then is there any reason to bother buying a really really nice HU? Would a cheaper HU and a fine amp be the better way to spend my money?

I do not need competition level volume or anything, I just want clean, fast, pretty sound (which is why I'm going 500 watts on the subwoofer amp, to get fast clean sound, not necessarily high volume).

Thanks guys, I appreciate the help.
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