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I know most people say kicker sucks but is it because they dont have good sq or what? I have heard that they get loud? Do people have problems with the subs breaking or what? Im considering 2 10L7's with an amp because I can get a great deal on them but I'm not sure so I would like opinions of people who have heard or dealt with these subs.

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the comp vr's are GREAT subs...the l7's sound like total crap but get loud

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a square sub is off balance and has too many stress points that can break easliy if pushed too hard or over time. they have more surface area though so you will get more spl. they aren't very good on the sq side though.

listen to them, you might like the way they sound. never know

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They are exactly right. The square shape causes stress points in the subs cone causing it to screw up. The will get loud, but with no sq what so ever.
It just depend's on what you are looking for in a sub. If you are looking for nothing more than spl, they are grate. If you are looking for sq/sql, they won't make you happy.

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yeh i'd have to agree with brandon and taylor. They're loud with no sq, but depends on what you want

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if you get kicker go with the older comp vrs. the new one are just round L7s. me personally i feel that the build quality of the L7s keeps me away, not to mention the uneven stress points, the surround tears, voice coils blowing for no reason, lack of sound clarity. the reason i dont like them is the build quality, if you ever look at one, look at how the cone is glued on, it is very sloppy and seems that it could come undone at any moment. just seems that they arent taking their time to build quality products, but instead out there just to mass produce and use there name and old rep. to sell products, the new audiobahn anyone?

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i think kicker needs to take some time and redesign there sub line up the comps and cvrs are kickers overall best subs. there square subs only get loud and sound like s h i t doing it. there amps on the other hand in my opinion are some of the best out there. oh hunter i think kicker is following in the footsteps of audiobahn which is pretty sad
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