Someone help me plzzzz i dont know what 2 do


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i have 2 sony explode 10" subs model number XS-L1030 they have a rated power of 120watts max input is 400watts and they are at 4 ohms each what would be a necessary amp 4 my subs i had a clarion APA4203 2/3/&4 channel amp i took it aprt and it had a burn mark on the board next 2 the speaker output it turns on then hits 4 a while then will stop bumping but the amp light stays on and when i turn my hu off the back on it will bass 4 about 2-3 seconds then stop bumping i had it in my trunk and it had a built in fan on it but 2 be safe i added a cpu colling fan 2 it i bought from compusa and had the ground going to the ground and the positive going to the remote so when i turn my radio off the fan goes off 2 i dont know how many watts the clarion is cuz it did not say on it but it worked fine 4 a while i just dont know what is wrong with it i was woundering if anybody know what my problem is and or what amp 2 buy thank you your help is greatly needed!!!!!!!!!!1

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yes im loking at buying a legacy 800 watt amp 2 and 4 ohms model number LA590. and i have 2 sony xplode 10" subs they are 400 watts each i dont know what the rms are on them they are in a big ol box and i dont fel like taking them out but i went on a web site and saw the ones like mine and it said it was 400 watts so im guessin that means the rms rating is about 200 correct? i also want 2 know if this amp that i want 2 buy is a good amp for my subs the specs on the amp are 2x400 watts output 1x 800 watts bridged output 800 watts total power the last amp i had was a clarion apa 4203 and it just burned up on me recently i took it apart and it had a burn mark on the board also i talked 2 a guy and he said that it meant my amp was overheating but im also guessing if the amp was 2 little 4 the speakers and it worked the amp 2 hard is that posible? but i had 2 fans on it i dont know the wattage of the clarion for as it didnt say on it so i need some advice on what 2 do

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I'll tell you what to do right now: STOP INTERRUPTING EVERYONE ELSE'S THREAD!!! Show some common courtesy. Throw those (puke) SONY 10's in the river!
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