Dynaudio comps 2-way vs. 3-way


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Just wondering if anyone has had any experience installing Dynaudio components, system 240 and/or 340, in a small ext cab truck. My question is whether I should use the kickpanels, in which case I would use the 340's, with mid and tweeter in kicks, woofer in door. But what kind of sound quality/imaging/soundstage will i get from the kicks so low and close to the listening position? Would the Dyn's, as I've heard, be somewhat forgiving in this situation? Would all 3 drivers in the door panel (higher, but much closer) be a better/worse option? Or is it just unrealistic to use the 3-way set in my situation, a waste of money/capability, when the 240 2-way set would give me close to the same results?

This is the last part of a total system upgrade, other than electrical system, that remains. I had actually decided on the Dyn's first thing, being the only higher quality soft domes that I can actually take a listen to, but still keeping an eye out for Morels, Rainbows, etc., just havn't been able to decide which route to take. I have an older set of Focal 2-way now, forget the model, but they are just too bright for my tastes now, and they seem to be very picky about tweeter placement, just can't seem to get a very good SQ out of them.

I would like to have the reasonably best SQ from the frontend I can get. My setup I think has good potential. I now have 2 sealed Alpine SWX 10's run by Soundstream Van Gogh 1600.2. Took a chance, but it really seems to have paid off so far. I remember SS from way back when... Comps will be run by a SS Van Gogh 600.2. Stinger Expert rca's, spkr wires, lots of dampening, and an Alpine 9835.

Anyway, any input would be much appreciated, great forum, seem to be many knowledgable people here. I hope I havn't added to an overdone topic.

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I wish I could answer this for you. I like your question about the speaker placement. Maybe Jonathan or Glass will step in and give you some input. I know they are using three way Dyn's.

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3 ways only work well with the space to install them. It's not as easy as cramming them where they can fit, honestly, and in most vehicles it simply gives lackluster results. In most vehicles, 2 ways are best for imaging. Trucks don't tend to do as well with kick panels simply because your legs are blocking the sound, low to mid door (angled) usually works best. I'd personally go 240 mkII or GT in your case. Rainbows are excellent speakers too if you can find them, wicked midbass for the drivers and very accurate.
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