Blew my jl w6v1 in my stealthbox


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I need to replace my sub. It was powered by a rockford 2 channel 75 watt amp. I WANT a w6v2 but i dont want to spend the money and a w3v2 seems like its specifications are very similar. My friend and I are gonna go listen to subs on friday but i want to know what ya'll think. What 10 inch sub would you recomend for me? depth is an issue seeing how its in a stealth box. i think anything up to about 6in deep or so would work. im not sure.

A few things are confusing to me...
like the wiring options. if wiring parallel wiring gives so much less residence... why would anybody wire them in a series.

Explain ohms and resistance and what my amp is putting out etc. im so confused on that.

If the sub you recommend requires more power, what amp would you recomend. I have a 4 channel 400 punch powering my speakers. Can i have 2 differant amps? will there be an issue with frequency(someone mentioned it)?

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lower the ohms, the more load on the amp = more power. Some amps are stable at lower impendances than others (stereo amp bridges is almost always 4 ohm, while mono amps can see 2 and 1 ohm and even lower)if your sub is paallel @ 1 ohm but your amp is only 4 ohm stable you have to series wire so you dont cook ur amp

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you have to first look at your amp and find out what it is stable at mono , next you will look at the power it puts out at that level of impedence. The w3v2 comes in dual 2,4,and 6ohm versions so your options are open as far as that goes. Just tell us what amp you are looking into. Now the w6v2 only comes in dual 4ohm version so it can be wired to present a 2ohm load or a 8ohm load depending on what amp you have. The w6v2 is a great sub I recomend it if you have the power which isnt much. 400 watts at 2ohms isnt hard to come up with. I actually have one for sale if you are interested for $250 without the box or $300 with the box. just a thought.

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If you're going to blow this new sub with distortion like ya did the last one, ya may as well just buy a legacy or pyramid sub and save some money.

that W6 never should have blown with 75 watts unless you had the amp gain turned way too far up, or your charging system is so poor that it caused the amp to clip.
In either event you should have heard the distortion long before the sub ever blew.


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The car was given to me... It was my dads and then my moms. My dad replaced the entire system and had it all installed at a really good shop.
It was installed about 5 years ago so i assume that's the reason it blew. I was pushin it a little hard because i wanted more bass than it was offering with that technology.

The stuff you guys said would help me a ton if i knew what it meant. Heh.

You can change the resistance(ohms) on the amp?
8 ohms is more resistance than 2 ohms? or am i backwards.
The sub is bridged i believe.
How do i find out what its stable at mono, power output, and whats impedence?
"The w3v2 comes in dual 2,4,and 6ohm versions" what in the world does that mean?
Would it be worth it to replace the sub and amp with a 500/1 and a w6v2 or just get a w3 and call it good?

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in the manual it says 320 watts mono into a 4 ohm load. Thats the dynamic power rating.

Continuous power is 150 watts.

can i replace the amp and run 2 differant types of amps? whats a good/relatively priced amp that would run a w3 or a w6? probably a 500/1?

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The 550/1 will blow one w3 I believe... 500watt amp + 300watt sub = dead sub

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no no no...

my 400/4 amp is running the speakers and the 75/2 amp is running the sub... i probably need to replace the amp for my sub. thats why i was asking if itd sound weird if the amp powering my speakers was a differant brand than the amp powering the sub.

how much better do you guys think a w6 sounds than a w3? both sq and spl(bass/loudness?). My friend and i are gonna go listen to subs friday but i just wanna know what you guys think too.

If i just bought a w3 and powered it by the current amp... how would it sound?
The w3 runs 300 watts continuous and 600 max while my amp would run 150 continuous and 320 max at 4 ohms.

also... this is going in a stealth box and i noticed the w6v2 has 10 mounting holes and the w6v1 that came out only has 8... is this a big problem?
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