CD Player Shuts off when I turn my Headlights on!
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Alright, my CD Player Shuts off when I turn my Headlights on. I was wiring up some gauges to light up when I turn my headlights on and this problem occurs at the end of my installation. I didn't even touch any wires off of my cd player. Any idea of what this could be?

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Yes! I know the problem. You hooked up your illumination wire to a hot wire on your stereo. This wire fades the display on stock stereos. AVOID this on your new one. find it and run your iillumination wire on your new stereo together with you accessory wire to your accessory or Radio hotwire that comes on with the key. Or run your illumination wire to you battery wire so that you have constant illumination. Your stereo should have a battery wire going to it. This wire is always hot. Use a tester before giving up. Light testers are very cheap and work very good. Does this help?
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