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what would i do to wire my amp to my stock cd player. i had a system in my last car but wrecked it and i pulled the system out but now i need to wait before i can get the HU installed so i want to go on and put the subs in for about 2 weeks. i know how to install the amp but i dont know about the RCAs for the signal.

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I am only a newbie, so please correct me if I am wrong, but I think you have it backwards. You want to wire your stock CD plyer to your amp. I suppose they are commulative to one another, but for me to understand it I have to hear it that way.

Ok for this you will need the RCA Patch cable, which will run from the back of your head unit's pre-amp outs to your amp. From what I have read, it is that simple. However, if your stock CD player doesnt have pre outs, then you will need a Line Output Converter (LOC) which you can read about here , on the right find Install Primer, and then when you click that and on teh left the page appears, scroll down until you find Signal, which is bolded and yellow. That should explain it to you.

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i figured it out i just have to splice into the rear speakers for a signal and wire that to the high level input and call it done. i should have my temp system in the truck tonight.

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Iam having a hard time getting our amp to work. Everything is hooked up except the REM wire. I have a stock headunit that is a hassle to get to. is there anywhere else you can run the rem (blue wire) other than the HU?

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You car run it to the fuse block of the car. Just make sure you get a fuse that cuts off and on with the key. I like to put it on a switch then I can cut it off and on when I want to.
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