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one of my friends blew his audiobahn sub, the eternal series 12" 1000 RMS. he was running a "clif designs" amp (i think also made by audionbahn) 2000 watts max 900 watts rms. he wired the subs in parallel and ran the sub, ten minutes into it the sub blows. i was wondering though, the sub was in a ported inclosure that he overpaid for, but the installer made it huge, do you think 4 cubic feet was more than enough to make that sub go into overexcursion????

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I don't think that would have caused the sub to blow after 10 minutes, lol. I'm not sure on the enclosure specs for the Eternal though, I do know Audiobahn's like large enclosures though.

(BTW how do you think it sounded while it was running?)

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well spl was high but for some odd reason, it still didnt hit as hard as my infinity's (and they are only the reference series! DVC 12") and as sound quality goes, it sucked, the infinity for sure blew this mass monster out of the water. what do you think of infinity's??????????

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I've heard the references. I think they are a nice sounding sub. The perfects are a nice sounding sub as well.

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yup I agree. I like the sound of the Infinity subs.

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Remember a 1,000 watt subwoofer can be "blown" with a 100 watt amp. When your amp is "clipping", or "DC ing", it is somewhat like connecting the woofer directly to the battery. So keep that in mind when passing blame to the woofer's short life.

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i had my audiobahn immortal 12 quad coil on my 81000d at 1500 rms and it made a funny slap noise in the dustcap area when i pounded it but i no it wasnt from any distortion and that was in a 4 cubic ft. box tuned to 36 hz port belief is that that audiobauns largest reccomended box size of 4 cf was to much at this port tune (eternal is the immortals cousin)

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also you can blow a subwoofer if you pound it when its new without a break in period......this may also be why your friends sub blew
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