Rockford Fosgate are they good


I hear that Rockford Fosgate subs are good to go with. I was thinking about buying 1 12" (RFD2112) from them, any opinions on that.

I dislike them. To me the magnet makes the subs. Peep Audiobahn.

rockford fosgate subs are good. magnet does not make a sub. Thats just a myth. audiobahn takes to much amp power to run. but i got 2 12 audiobahns though..they sound loud and are pretty decent. go for rockford subs..they're known to be decent

Rockford stuf is the best there is period. They hit hard have great quality sound and will last for ever. Just give themas much power as possible.

I would have to say that the magnet doesn't make the sub but it does have a big deal with the bass response. I personal can't stand rockford. I suggest JL, polk, or alpine for subs.

Russ Cashon
jlw6-w7--earthquake magma--Rockford Fosgate Power HX2---Digitaldesign 9500 series are worth the attention.JL W7 & DD are my preference.

Rockford Fosgate are the best sounding subs you can get. They last for along time and in that time they keep the same sound Quilaty as when u frist got them. I say this because i have some really old Rockford Fosgates and they still hit hard (like new). Rockford Fosgate sounds are not a fake sound like some subs. Most pepl would be woundern what i m talking about. If you compare Rockfords to lets say sonys. The sony subs mite sound louder but if u compare the sound quilaty they doan't compare. The reason the sonys sound louder is because the differnt sound they put out a difernt one then what is soupose to be put out. which the sound is crap and makes them sound like sh_t Rockford Fosgate is a old company that has been making quilaty sounds for along time and know how to make great subs. of course the prices are high that is for tha great quilaty you are geting

hell yea, Rockford Fosgate Subs sound great. I got two HE2 RFP3412, and those speakers go off. Plus I got mine at Traders Village, a place near Funky Town, Texas, for a pretty decent price.

with rockford u can go by the peak power not rms. i picke up 2 12" rockford punch Z (yes go ahead and laugh) but i only got them for $100. and i m putting 400 watss rms to them and the fudging pound. and magnets sdon't have much to do with it cuz them magnets on my subs ar small sumthing like 30 ouces and they pownd harder then my friends kenwoods

Andrew Dotseth
Rockford is alright, Its just a little higher than middle class subs. JL and Audiobahn are better in general than Rockford, Sony and MTX are severely lacking. Rockford is a great deal for the price tho, but if you want quality buy some JL Thunders hands down, If you want affordable ok quality subs buy Rockford. :)

Man, I bought a 12" RF Power HX2 and built a 2.5ft3 ported box and it freaking POUNDS. I only have about 1000w to it, looking to upgrade to 2000w soon. It already rattles my brain, and the sound is incredible. Well worth the money I paid
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