Old Alpine CD Playback Long Pause Seeking


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I have an old "3 in the dash" Alpine cd changer that I bought in 2000. When I first started burning CDs at home, they played in the Alpine fine. But, as cd technology progressed beyond 12X, I encountered a problem in playing homemade CDs. There were long pauses when skipping to the next track, skipping back to previous tracks, when the CD starts, and when the CD player is turned on again after being shut off, like when the car is started. It goes from track to track fine, with no pause. So, after the first long pause, everything is fine if you never skip forward, skip back, or shut off the car. I've switched burning software, switched computers (thus switching the burner drive), and tried burning slower. Mostly, it boils down to the media and the old Alpine. I bought 40 generic CDs that worked fine, but those have all been used now. The problem even occurs on discs specified as "audio discs". Time 74/80 minutes doesn't matter, I burned some 12X 80 minute discs that worked fine in the old Alpine. I thought I solved the media problem when I bought thirty 12X 74 minute discs, but the problem occurs with them, too.
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