Need 200A alter, but ones I find say 100A!!!!HELP glasswolf


i need about a 200A alternator to power my amps but all the so called 200A's a find say they will put out 100A at this one 9497610

its like $220 shipped but will it do for a 1200 watt RMS system like mine???

is this the same marketing ploy used by audio co. when they say something like "1400 watt max" but only put out like 500 watts RMS???

If the alt. i listed above it a joke, then where can i get an alt. to supply my amps w/ the current they need????(2 JBL BP600.1's)

help me out here.....please

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almost all alternators put out less current at idle.
when the engine RPM goes above about 2000RPM, the alternator will put out it's rated power, and usually go from 12V up to 14.4V
That's normal, and to be expected.

Don't worry about it. As long as the car is actually moving, you're in good shape. You probably won't have the system at full volume at a stop light anyway if you have any thought for other people, so that won't be a concern.
At competitions, you can either run the motor above idle, or rely on the batteries and have the engine off.
It depends on who sponsors the event.

yea...but will the alternator on the link have the juice i need for my amps???

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if it puts out 200A at full, you should be good.
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