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I spent all day yesterday putting 120 square feet of eDead in my truck ('84 4runner) yesterday. I took everything out of the truck and did the floors, walls, and doors. I didnt do the roof b/c it's a removable fiberglass top. I was able to put in two layers on the floor in front and the inner firewall, also put two layers on outer door skin and one on inner door skin.
I also put about 90 square feet of 8 lb carpet padding in. Did the floors and used spray adhesive to put it on top of the edead on the side walls, and i took the leftover and rolled it up and stuffed it down the sides too.
Overall it made a big difference. It's a 20 year old truck with mud tires, and before this when I would drive down the road, especially the highway, I couldnt even hear myself think. There is very little road noise now and the doors are solid as a rock.
However, the engine noise is still pretty loud. I expected that though b/c i could only go up a little ways on the inner firewall before the dash and steering column got in the way. I think it would help a lot if I got a hoodliner also, b/c it currently has nothing! I think Dynamat makes one, but it's like $70.

Overall, it was worth my 14 hours of time and $150. Road noise is MUCH less than before, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it helps with cooling in the summer heat here in Florida. A few things i learned along the way:

-use smaller sections where there are a lot of contours to reduce air bubbles

-peel off the backing of only the top of your section that you are working with, attach that, and then work the backing off as you attach the rest. i found that when i peeled off the whole thing that it stuck to everything and itself.

-watch out, it's sharp! I cut myself a couple times pressing down the edges. kind of like a paper cut, doesnt happen often, but it hurts when it does!

-make sure that you mark where important holes for your bolts for your seats, etc. i also found that it is better to cut out the pieces of eDead over these holes shortly after you lay it down b/c it seems like the bond gets stonger after even an hour or so, makes it harder to peel off the small piece that you cut out.

anyways, just thought i would share my experience with the eDead. Good stuff. Easy to apply and sticks well.

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link for the eDead:


Elemental Designs is selling 120 square feet on eBay for $100 + $20 shipping.

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I used this too. I love it!

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yeah. it's pretty awesome. the more i drive my truck, the better it seems! i'll notice little noises and rattles that i never have before. it used to be almost stressful to dive my 20 year old truck with 33" mud tires for more than a few miles. now i can ride around and relax! of course, having a nice stereo system helps drown out the road noise too :-)
i tell you what, it seems like i get some great midbass sound from my components b/c of all the deadening i put in the doors. i've got some mediocre infinity reference components, but damn they get low for what they are.
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