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I have a pioneer 5300 headunit, competition rca jacks, 4ga cable conns, 1farad lightning audio cap, 1 LA FF150.2 amp powering 4 240w max pioneer 6x8 door speakers@ 2 ohms. Also I have an Orion Pseries 12 (2 ohm dvc sub) powered by a measly Autotek sx1200x(I know it is a bit on the overkill side) The amp is reading 1 ohm on each side of the sub, thus it is sucking a lot of juice & my headlights wink a bit. I have the cap running both of the amps. would the easiest way to solve this be to purchase another battery or cap(the alternator is 130amp)? It is in a 2000 F-150. Also I am looking to install an electronic crossover, either a powered signal processor made by Autotek(Iforget the model) or a perfomance teknique ICBM-7211. Which of these would you recommend?

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The cap isnt going to help you with the light dimming. You should really look into high output alternator with a deep cycle optima battery.

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That cap doesnt do jack...Have you upgraded the "Big 3" wires?;f=5;t=007801
I'd start there, its a cheap upgrade and it might just fix your problem. hmm..the auto-url thingy didnt get the whole url, so you'll have to copy and paste.

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I was completely unaware of the BIG 3 wires. I will definitely upgrade them this weekend. I got a nasty lesson in basic electric/wiring not too long ago: my amp kept cutting out at high current and volume. I rewired all my POWER wires 3 times. My brother-in-law informed me that a complete circuit consists of power wires as well as GROUND wires. You can have 4 million watts,volts, and joules, but without the same size ground wire(s), I was pi$$ing in the wind.
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