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Ok, I have a 2004 GMC Sierra 1500 Extended cab pickup. I want to replace the front speakers with something better but due to lack room for height of the speakers, I am limited to what I can put in place of the stocks. Looks like the best option is to put components in. Can anyone tell me the easiest way to install components. I know the woofer will install in place of the door speaker but where can I install the tweeter and is this something that a novice can do or do I need to look for a professional to install. The easiest thing I have seen is kick panels but if I understand correctly, those are not all that good to use when it comes to sound. Any suggestions are greatly welcome.

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in most vehicles, kick panels are THE BEST set-up for sound quality. low and forward in the doors is the second best location. Pick-ups are hard any way you look at it because of the lack of depth in the cabin (they're often wider than they are deep).

if you're not using kick-panels, don't rule out putting coaxials in the doors. they are the easiest way to achieve good sound, IMO, and then you don't have to worry about tweeter location. in my experience, the high quality models such as JL audio XRs sound nearly as good as components.

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I have a 2001 Silverado (quite possibly the same setup in the doors as your truck) and I put some CDT CL-62's in there and they sound awesome.
I personally don't like kick panels in trucks because you sit so much higher than in a car and it takes away from the soundstage.
If your doors are setup like mine the comps will sit high enough in the doors to sound quite nice.

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As far as components go, I know that the woofer would install to the location on the door in place of the stock speaker. The only problem I have is where do you install and how do you install the tweeter so that it is secure. I would prefer to not use kick panels due to the fact that they are located so low in the cab that it seems pointless to use them.

I would like to use the factory stock location. According to crutchfield, the stock location has a mnt depth of 3.676" deep but the speaker can sit no higher from the mount point than 0.068" tall. This seems to be a problem as most 2 and 3 way speakers have a tweeter that sits about 1" tall off of the speaker. Any suggestions on front speakers would be greatly appreciated.

If there is anyone out there that has a GMC Sierra truck 1500 series and has done work for the front speakers, please let me know what you did as I have no clue what to do for the fronts. Those seem to be the thorn in my side right now.

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aaron...good post. kick pannels are the way to go, if not the jl audio xr are wonderfull, you won't regret spending your money on them!


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i have a 2004 chevy silverado ext cab and i want to put components in the rear suicide doors and the components i have are to big for the stock opening so my question is can i mount right on the door panel if i have the depth or will there be to much vibration and if so can i just add some baffle basically i just want to know if i have a tough enough door panel can i mount speakers right to it
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