Where to put the amp and the capacitor


I have a 1000 watt amp, a 1 farrad digital capacitor and 1 12" Rockford Fosgate Sub (RFD2112). I was wondering if it is better to go with a ported or a sealed box. Also the trunk that i am putting this in to is not very big, so i whant to know where sould i put the amp which is big. My back seats fold down but sometimes i have to put them up for people to go for a ride. I whant to have some room still left in the truck so I can put stuff in it. Should i put the amp on the back side of the seats and where sould I put the digital capacitor so i can see it(it is important to see it right?). Does it matter that the amp would be vertical? I hear amps bet hotter when not laying flat. Should I build a shelf over the box to put the amp on?

SEALED! And just make sure that the amp has enough ventilation. If its in a tight spot, add a fan. Putting it vertical shouldn't make a difference.

You could screw the amp to the back of the seat. And the capicator can go anywhere but remember the closer to the amp it it the better it will work.

sealed box. if you wanted to give it a real cool custom look. mount the amp and cap to the trunk lid. so when u open it, there they are. my buddy did that and it looks sweet. you can silicone a peice of wood to the inside of the trunk lid,make sure u cover up the wood so cant see it there, then mount the amp and cap to the wood.it will look sweet when showing ur system. doesnt matter if amp is inverted. and as long as it is ventilated, it will run fine
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