Viper 791XV Accesory Installation


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I have a Viper 791XV Installed in my 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I bought another Blue LED Status Indicator and a Proximity Sensor from a friend.

I had some questions about installation...can i..

Splice and match up black black and red red on the LED and plug it in the brain, so both will operate when the system is armed?

On the proximity sensor, it has the plug with Red,Black,Green, and Blue wires, is it possible to plug it in somewhere, does the brain of the 791XV have an extra port for this, it looks as if its the same plug as the shock sensor plug and the same port and where the shock sensor goes on the brain, or would i have to splice and match the wires with the shock sensor and the proximity sensor and plug it in there the shock sensor is plugged in, so both the shock sensor and proximity sensor are active then the alarm is armed.

Thanks in advance,

Sorry if its confusing....

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that'll work with the LED, i've done it before with no problems.

you'll have to splice the shock and prox sensors together. but you have to add a diode to the, i believe, blue wire. to keep it from false triggering. haven't done that in a while so my memory is a little fuzzy on that.

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Thanks Alot...can anyone elaborate on the Proximity Sensor? Like where to add a diode, if i have too, and what type of diode etc...

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