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I am totally new to this stuff so please forgive my newby ignorance on these matters.

I have a 2003 Tundra with a Pioneer FM903XM satellite tuner running directly to a new Pioneer DEHP3600 head unit. I am presently using stock speakers and no amp. I want to buy four speakers and possibly an amp for the truck, but don't know what to get. I am not into really loud music, but I want it to be CLEAR. With direct XM I should be able to accomplish this without too much money right!?!?!?

Anyway, I'm not looking to spend a fortune. What would you recommend for a 6.5 inch speaker and possibly an amp? The local audio store here in Tyler recommended JVC speakers. Another board I am on recommended Lightning speakers ($39.95 from WalMart), and I have heard decent things about Pioneer speakers. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

I'm not sure if this makes a difference, but my listening taste is rather varied, from 70-80s rock to bluegrass, to new age. I don't listen to metal or rap.

I would appreciate any recommendations. Also, can I just take the factory speakers out and plug the new ones in, or is it more involved than that?

Todd in TX

if you're really budget concious, check out the infinity speakers. their high end stuff might be out of your league but their reference series is still amazing for the money. you will be a lot happier with infinity than anything at walmart and the JVC ones too.

go to, figure out what you want, then go on ebay and buy them there from reputable sellers.

as for an amp, its a hard question and a lot of people have different opinions. but I recommend a good 4 channel amp. 2 channels to power the front speakers and 2 channels bridged to power a single 10" or 12" sub. if you want, you can have the back speakers hooked to the head unit for rear fill. this setup will give you a nice range of frequencies to reproduce nice clean and precise sound.

hope this helps

if you're not getting an amp, replacing the speakers is like you said, "take the factory speakers out and plug the new ones in"

if an amp is involved, its best to replace the stock wires to good quality stuff that runs from the amp to the speakers.

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Thanks for the help. To be honest with you, I am totally confused now that I have talked to three car audio places here in town. Here is what I have been told by the three "experts."

1) One place told me what I said above; JVC speakers and a two channel amp is all I need for a great sound system.

2) A second place told me that buying some Infinity or Alpine 6.5 inch speakers would be a great idea. They also said that it is a toss up as to whether an amp or a set of four speakers would make the most difference. Either way, my listening experience will be DRASTICALLY better than the factory speakers.

3) Lastly, I was just told 30 minutes ago by another expert that unless I add a pair of subwoofers under my rear seat, that I am simply not going to achieve a significant difference from my present setup. He sounded honest enough about it. He said, "I would be happy to sell you some $100 6.5 inch speakers, but you won't be able to tell a significant difference in clarity, even with a new amp."

So, who is right here? If I bought two sets of Infinity, Alpine, or other speakers in the $100 range, and then added a 4 channel amp, WILL I see a difference in the clarity of my system? Or, will the difference be so minor that it is not worth the money?


I'm not sure on what kind of stock system comes with a 2003 tundra but in most cases, if you change your stock speakers with infinity or alpine and run them on a aftermarket head unit (like you got) it will sound cleaner and better but not any louder. if you get a good amp to power them, you will hear a difference like its night and day because there's a lot more power at your disposal. your music will have a lot more depth with cleaner highs and stronger lows.

as for the type of setup, its all personal preference. Here's a few options to think about, you can get a 2 channel amp to power the front and leave the back hooked on the HU. OR you can get a 4 channel amp to power all 4 speakers in the truck. OR like I said earlier, get a 4 channel amp to power the fronts and a sub.

I personally built my system in sections, I replaced all my speakers first. then a few months later I got a 4 channel amp to power them all. And later on I bought a sub and hooked up my fronts and my sub to the4 channel amp, leaving my back speakers hooked on the HU

so good luck with all this and take your time deciding.

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1st guy: Wrong. Also depends on what you define as "quality sound" but you could do a lot better for the money

2nd guy: Right. Drastic change. Best option would be a front component system and seperates, next best would be front coaxials with an amp and leave the stock rears, 4 speakers would be last. You really don't need rear speakers, especially in a small cab like a truck.

3rd guy Wrong. Subwoofers offer a lot of benefit and add power to a system, but clarity comes mainly from the midrange speakers and tweeters, not subs. Subs mainly add power to the music and typically handle only handle 100hz down to 20hz or so, while the speakers handle everything from 100hz to 20,000hz. Big difference in range, you can see which is most important. I'm sure he'd love to sell you a $100 set of 6.5" speakers, but I'm sure he'd be even happier to sell you 2 subs, a box, a high powered sub amp, the wiring kit and RCAs, and possibly the install labor as well.

Your best option is what was recommended above, forget the rear speakers, buy a 4 channel amp, front speakers (coax or component, whatever you can afford and install), and a subwoofer or two in the rear.
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