How do i add a 5th speaker?!


okay i've got a question - ive got 4 speakers running out of my powered head unit and a sub being powered by a 350w power amp. now, i have a 5th speaker under the dash i'd like to include in the system, but i can't connect it to the head unit since all of its jacks are filled, and splicing it with another speaker would mean losing clarity.

i was thinking of un-bridging my sub from the power amp and have the sub come out of one channel and send wire to the 5th speaker out of the 2nd channel. does this work?

please, any/all advice is greatly appreciated!



Nicolas A
U need a DSP, to add a center speaker.

yes that will work, but you will not get an official center channel. It will play the left channel or right channel, but as long as your amplifier's input is coming from front or rear output (not subwoofer) it will be a full range signal.

There are crossovers out there that do give you true DTS surround with center channels front and rear. The Coustic XM-5e is a decent one for cheap if you can still find them.

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I have this '92 toyota with horrible speakers and i wanna add my big huge speakker and store it in the trunk... where do i connect the speaker wires

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J Co, just not that simple, what will you be powering the sub with? an Amplifier? Hopefully not HU power.

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Chip, You wouldn't want your sub and full range speaker to recieve the same signal to reproduce. The sub should only be fed low frequencies, and the full range should recieve all frequencies. Also, I would not take power away from my sub to power a full range speaker.

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