Alpine Head Units, No control?


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I have been looking at buying an Alpine HU, but as I have looked at some of their mid-high end receivers I hear the same things.
1. The display is too dim and cannot be adjusted

2. They do not have bass and treble controls.

Im lookin at the 9830 and 9831 so if any1 knos anything about these help b/c I like to customize my stuff and I would probably need bass and treble controls for that.

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The higher end 2005 Alpine headunits do have a contrast adjustment.

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I have a 9831 and it has a contrast control and I've never had a problem with it being too dim. It has no bass & treble controls but it has quite a few preset EQ settings and 2 user EQ settings (if you set these up right it'll cover most varying ranges of sounds from different CD's). I thought the same thing about the bass & treble controls but I find I don't miss them at all with this unit.

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i just got a 9835 and the dimmer sucks....when you put it on manual it stays on the dim setting...i heard the only way to fix this is to disconnect the dimmer gonna try that when i get out of work

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Hi guys,

I had this prob with my 9835, and solved it by putting a simple LSD circuit based on a pic555 chip on the dimmer wire, now the dimmer will only be triggered when there is not enough ambient light to keep the LSD active and the gate on the pic555 open.

So now as i drive along and turn on my lights as it gets dull/twilight the head unit doesn't dim, but once it is quite dark out side the HU will dim and a resistor in the circuit stops it being to sensitive and switching back and forth with traffic lights and other cars etc. Works great and is very simple.

As for the question about it the Bass and Treble, you will come to appreciate the MUCH better control that you get with a 983X Alpine unit by using the para EQ, heaps better and not that hard to use either.

Cheers Glenn

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What's an LSD circuit?

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Moorey, could you please shed some light on the parametric eq? I have the 9833 and I have only set the xovers. I was told to just leave para eq alone unless you have the proper monitoring equipment.

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