Help with subwoofer wiring config!


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I have 2 12" audiobahn AW1251SE ( 1S) and a audiobahn 8000T mono amplifier ( My question is how can I wire my subwoofers so that the total amount of ohms that the amplifier reads is 2 ohms. Please be specific because I am some-what of a n00b to all this. Thanks.

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Well, you can't wire two 4 ohm dvc subs to 2 ohms. The only thing you can do to hook those subs up that that specific amp, is to wire them to 4 ohms. Might not be what you want to hear, but it's all you can do. You would wire the voice coils of each sub in series, and then wire the subs in parallel. Look here, it's easier to see then for me to explain.

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Logi? is that you? from MCM? and if not..... just ignore what I said lol

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Registered: Jul-04 also got bent over on that can get that amp for alot cheaper...

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I only payed 180 for it. Anyways, I read on another forum that you could get 2 ohms if you "wire each voice coil independently". I dunno what the hell that means but maybe someone does.

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The only thing that I think they could have meant is to use only one voice coil on each sub. I'd sell the subs or amps, and chalk it up to a learning mistake.
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