URGENT help on wiring my amp n sub


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ive just got a new 150Watt boxed 10inch sub and a 400W 2 - 4 channel amp and i cant figure out how to wire them up because any instructions on how to didnt include cub only normal speakers

my head unit is a new panasonic with 2x RCA ports at the back for the AMP now can someone PLEASE tell me how to wire every thing up because everything ive tried already only makes the RED LED on the amp light up (it says red will light when wrong connection) so ive done some wrong wire someware so can some one please email me FULL instructions for wiroing up a sub and amp

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chances are pretty good the ground on your amp isnt good...find a new ground...or check the ohm load, your amp may not like it...

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What amp model and name do you have. What sub name and ohms. I need this to see what is the best way to hook it up. Amps with 2 through 4 channels can be hooked lots of ways. Are you trying to hook up everything or just the sub.

Hook the hot wire to the battery last. You need a hot wire from the battery, then a fuse no more than 18 inches from the battery. Run the hot wire through the firewall of the car and into the car. Run the hot wire to the amp. Ground the amp to something that is metal.

Get some patch or RCA cables and hook them to the RCA ports at the back of the head unit and run them to the amp. Most have colors on them. Hook color to color. If they are different colors don't cross the left and right.

A wire for the remote has to be hooked from the amp them to the head unit.

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its not realy anything flash just a supersound sub and supersound amp
the sub has a selector switch so i can pick 4 or 8ohm

and im only running the sub off the amp , NO speakers

BTW whats the "remote" cable, its got a cable for the power antenna (if uve got a motorised antenna)

also is there any way i can just run the thing off the cigerette lighter socket?

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ok woah, lets all just back up...you really need to read www.bcae1.com alot before you start trying to install this...again.

No, you cant run an amp off your cigarette lighter...

The remote wire connects from a wire in the back of your headunit (usually solid blue wire, should say remote on it) and runs to the remote channel on your amplifier. This wire is just a small primary wire, about 16ga wire that can be bought at walmart for 2 bucks for 20 something feet.

You also need to ground your amp, you amp needs to be grounded to metal (the chassis of your car is the best place)

You have a power wire, That runs from your battery through your firewall in your car, to the amplifier. You will have an Inline fuse about 16-18in from the battery in this wire.

You need an rca cable to run from the back of your headunit (rca outs) to the amplifier...rca ins.

switch your speaker to 4 ohms and run a possitive and negative speaker cable to the amps pos and neg channels.

You have bought a wiring kit correct?

If you cant figure this out from reading this you may want to have someone who knows what they are doing instal is because you can seriously damage your car or cause injury to yourself if you don tknow what your doing...
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