JL12W3v2 D2 is this amp gonna over power it ?


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1 12JLW3v2 dual 2ohm. ok i haev this nice sub in ported box tuned to about 33hZ at 2ft^3. In manual the it says max 300WRMS MAX but on jls site the warranty void is at 600WRMS. I just bought a PG TANTRUM 500.2 it will do about 540WRMS *1 at 4ohms. So is this amp good match for the sub? I was told by many ppl including jl dealers that i coudl feed it up to 500WRMS and shouldnt have a problem. Some even reported running 600Watts to it. Can anyoen tell me best method to set the gain on amp i will be purchasing a DMM just for settting the gain or can i use my analog meter that haas a VAC setting?

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You can use the analog meter for setting the gain. If you're going to buy a DMM, you may as well save your money and buy a Fluke and be done with it. As long as you're careful with the sub, you'll be ok. If you hear any distortion or stress, then turn it down. Subs tend to handle more power when in a ported box anyway.

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i thought it was the other way around in a sealed they can handle more ? anyways what do you mean by buy a FLUKE.
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