Long question please help?!?


I'm 17 and am getting a car soon. i want a system to put in it. Nothing excessive just some clean highs
and solid low bass. I wanted to put component speakers in the front and subs in the back. I was considering a alpine head unit with alpine R series speakers for the front and a Alpine R sub 12" with the matching MRP-350 amp. Does the already enclosed ported Type R from Alpine sound good. If so more SQ or SPL, how does it compare to a Comp VR. I would get the DVC 4 ohm version and wire it to 2 ohms. With the alpine R 5.25" drivers should i get tweeters as well, if so should i run them with the same channel as each driver or use the other remaining channels. What are those things that cut out certain frequencies from certain speakers so i can get the best SQ? Would this setup create good sound stage?Sorry for the 20 ?'s Thanx

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crossovers cut out diff. freq.
sounds like a good set up. i would get just the sub and build a box for it instead of getting the sub and box combo. But if you dont feel confident in building your own box then you should prolly get the preloaded stuff.
i hear good things about the alpine subs, havent heard them personally. alpine HU is deff. a good choise.

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I have installed that set-up personally and it sounded great on a budget.

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A HI/LOW pass filter?

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yeah good point Mike. I would look into an alpine deck that has it built in possably try to find a new or used Alpine 9813 or 9815 you could even do the 9811 but I preffer the 9813. If not those model's check the new one's but I dont think the lower to mid line have built in x-overs so make sure it has it.

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Thanx Johnny and james but how about the tweeters does alpine make separate tweeters or do they come in a set with the 5.25" drivers. If not what is a better brand or model. I want the tweeter to sound bright and not to shrieky.
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