'03 Sonata stock amp?


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Well, after listening to all of the advice I got from you all on which speakers to buy I have run into a slight complication. I bought Kappa's for front and back (will get subs and new head unit soon). Then I popped one of the door panels off only to find 4 light green and dark green wires (2 for the tweet, 2 for the woofer). So I pulled the head unit to see if there were, seriously, 8 wires coming off the back of it for the front. Obviously not, and, there were no light green and dark green wires either (the same goes for the rear speakers, there is no color match on the back of the head unit). So my only conclusion is that there is either a stock amp or stock crossovers. Problem is I can't find it and I am reluctant to pull the whole front dash out to find it. The reason I want to find it is to see if it has an internal crossover or not, or to see if it is in fact just a crossover. Does anyone have any info on this stock set up, maybe where to find the amp/crossover, or how the system is wired through it? Or should I go spend money and have a "pro" do it?
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