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How much of a difference does the pre-out voltages make? I read on another forum that with 16v pre-outs your amp must be able to accept it. thanks

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Preouts between around 4.5v to 8v are typically good sounding and compatible with all amps. Should be all you need.

Tip of the iceburg generalisation answer, but is what really matters.


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the line voltage for pre-outs really affects dynamic range and resolution for the most part.
the amplifier gains should be set to match teh line pre-out voltage, so it shouldn't matter.
Eclipse is one of teh only companies who offer 16V pre-outs, and those can be set to 8V as well.
If your unit has weak pre-outs in the 2V or lower range (under 4V) you can also add a line-driver to help improve that.

I am looking at a deck that I really like that has 6.5 volt pre-outs.

Unfortunately, one of my amps (my sub amp) says it only accepts up to a 4V pre-out input.

Can I still use these two in combination? Will I lose a huge amount of SQ?

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you can always just build or buy a line attenuator to reduce the line voltage to 4V.

Well can I use the two without an attenuator? I don't know if that would make my speakers clip or something like that.

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you'll actually just over-drive the inputs.
not recommended.

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damn, I wonder if my 10 year old Alpine 3527S will take my 8V pre-outs? (they go up to 16V)

it's an Eclipse Cd8053... I might have to get the JL 450/4

dang old stuff...


Hey Glass, what does "over-driving the inputs" mean?

Is that when you set your gains to where you get no distortion, but you aren't really optimizing the full power of your amp?

I want the new Premier DEH-P860MP but it has 6 or 6.5V pre-outs. I am the same anon. that has a sub-amp that only accepts up to 4 volts.

And are line-drivers expensive? If i choose to go that route.

Thanks for the help.

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over-driving can cause clipping, it's more like if you set the gains too high on the amplifiers.. the signal isn't clean and you end up with distortion caused by square waves.

look at audiocontrol for line drivers if you want to go that route. they vary in price based on waht you go with, but you can try that Pioneer with your amps and see how it works. you may be fine with 6V preouts.

i have a pioneer home theater receiver with a paradigm kick butt sub. the ub makes these funny pops whenever people on my DVD's say anything containing the letter "P" it is very frustrating! could this be because my receiver has high pre-out voltage and the sub doesnt accept it? or could it be that the voltage is too low for the sub?

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your crossover point for the sub is too high. probably around 120Hz. try lowering it a bit, if you can, or turn the sub's volume down some so it's not as loud.
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