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I know you must get this alot but here it goes....I got an amp and 2 12s ok now i have a cap also. I got a wiring kit with rcas and remore wire and i dont know what to do! CAN SOMEONE HELP ME!!!

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Has nothing to do with this but what kind of amp and subs.

There should be a power wire in there. That needs to be first. Do not hook the wire to the battery. That is the last thing to hook up. Run the wire from the battery no more than 18 inches and put a fuse in the line. Run the wire thru the firewall into the car. Now the wire needs to be run where the amp is going to be. There are lots of ways to run the wire, under the carpet, under the trim at the door, or anywhere you can find that will not be seen. It just needs to go to the amp.

Capacitors some have to be charged and some don't. The Capacitor need to be in-between the hot wire and the amp. Put it near the amp. You might need fuses there.

The RCA cables need to be run from the head unit to the amp. I like to run the RCA cables on the other side of the car to cut down on noise. They should be color coded on the head unit and the amp.

The remote wire needs to be run from the head unit to the amps remote. The power antenna wire will work. You can hook it to the power wire of the head unit but not the main power wire. Most head units have two hot wires one for the clock and one to cut the radio off. This wire needs to have a way to cut the power off to the amp. If you cut the key off and the radio off and still have power to the amp you have the wrong wire.

The ground wire need to be the same gage as the power wire. Hook it to the amp ground and hook it to the cars metal. If you don't have way to hook it there. You can drill a hole in the metal and put a screw or bolt in it. Just make sure you scrape the paint off to the metal so it gets a good ground. You don't need a long ground wire.

Hook the wires up to the subs.
Now go hook the wire to the battery up and it should work. Unless I forgot something.

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What Capacitor do you have?
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