Ported or sealed for kappa perfect


hi everyone, I'm wondering what I should do with my 12" kappa perfect. its rated at 350RMS but I'm only putting 300RMS. is it wise to put it in a ported enclosure cause it would be more efficient or how about sealed box cause the kappa sub is meant for SQ.

right now its in a generic ported box from best buy (futureshop in Canada) and the quality of the sound doesn't seem that great.

I'm wondering what you guys think and any suggestions on boxes for the Kappa perfect???


I believe that a sub always sounds best when hooked up with speaker wire.

Yes I agree, speaker wire is the way to go!!

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Go with a sealed box. Heard a kappa in one earlier today and it sounded quite well.


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I got two single boxes off of EBAY for my (2) Kappa Perfects. I haven't received the boxes yet because I just ordered them. Hopefully, they will be delivered by Wednesday next week. I got the smaller version, but they are pretty close to the manufacturer's specifications.

If you have just 1 sub, I'd recommend getting this box:

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=50568%26item%3D5743783363 %26&ssPageName=WD1V

It's built perfectly for a Kappa Perfect sub. The cubic feet and frequency are perfect.


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The link isn't working, just type in: '32 hz' at the ebay search function and you will come up with the box.
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