SYRACUSE, NY......and my system..check it out...


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anyone from around the syracuse area?

right now im kinda looking for any input on where to go next..this is what i have now...

2 12" alpine type r(1241d)
2 alpine MRD-M501
alpine cda-9833 instead of the 9835
MB Quart DKE 116
2 7.2" phoenix digital LCD's

its all going to be installed in a 1997 saturn sl. this little cars gonna bump. anyone who knows where to find a descent alternator and battery for a descent price please post where. also what is the difference between the optima yellow top and optima blue top? so throw out your ideas and lets spend my money lol.

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For alternators:

Personally, I'd go with different subs and amps, but good head unit and components. You also need a stereo amp to power your components.

How much are you going to spend here?

Also, I believe the yellow tops are Optimas top batteries.

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i would have liked to go with different equiptment to, but i am working with a budget and in my opinion alpine is the best for the buck when working with a budget. for my components i was thinking the mrv f340. but i have around 200-300 to spend on an amp so if you have a better idea feel free to throw it out there. and is there a reason why the blue tops are more expensive?...thanks....Rob

OK heres what you need to do. First throw your system away cause alpine is junk. Second go out and buy a real system like JL. And third your 1997 Saturn SL only needs ond thing, a 4 sale sign. Seriously go buy a honda you poor basterd!!! Good luck...

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lol...f*ck the haters...cant even leave a name?..too p*ssy? and when did alpine become junk? buy a honda??? rather f*ck your gramma and 2 of her bingo friends on a rainy night in the woods next to the trailer park that she lives in. and heres a link for ya, i bet it looks just as nice as your honda!....

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How much do you have to spend on the system in total(subtracting however much you planned to spend on video monitors, they're not my forte :-))? I think you could do a little better for the money, but we'll see.
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