Alpine Alarms?


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how are the alpine alarms and how much to they go for?

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Hi Mark, Alpine stopped making car alarm systems about 10 years ago. I have had an Alpine car alarm system for 11 years. I have never had a problem with it. I wish Alpine still made them but they don't.

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please help me have a wiring diagram of alpine sec 8027.i e-mailed ace_ventura_fan@hotmail but theres no feedback.i read his message so im hoping you could help me to get through these problem of mine.please e-mail me the wiring diagram...thanks.

Hey NM,

I'm looking for the same thing. Did you ever get the sec-8027 wiring diagram? I'd be quite interested in a copy. There's nothing on the net anymore.

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I found the wiring diagram at,
do a Quick Search for "8027" and you can download a spec sheet.

I came across this looking for the answer to an as yet unanswered question. While detailing my wife's Jeep I accidentally tripped the disarm switch. Now how do I re-arm it?

At least I think that hitting the switch made it stop working... at the same time I stuffed the wiring back up under the dash because it kept falling down behind the brake pedal. It could be I loosened a connection, but everything looks OK as far as I can see. In any event, the blinking lights don't blink and the remotes do nothing.

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i'm not to familiar with alpine alarms but,
usually, you would turn the key on then press the button.

try that first if not then you should check the wiring for a lose connection.

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I can`t find a user manual for my alpine indash double din deck 3DA-W880J.I found an alpine web site but cannot understand what code they are refering to. Can you help?

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need a diagram of 8027 alpine car alarm

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Alpine only recently stopped making alarm systems, they just thinned out the herd and stopped making the 2-way units--even though they were the first to bring this tech to the US market with the sea-8081 and subsequently the sea-8083---units which would also report security status and info on the fold-out Alpine screens ...I have an Alpine classic on one of my cars, the venerable 8080 with the LCD remote, which was one-way only but had an optional interface to hook up that you could receive a call anywhere in the world if your car was broken into...You could also call the car and start it/lock/unlock/panic/kill the motor from anywhere as well--now this was pretty advanced technology for 1993!! The 8080 also featured a lighted keyboard that installed in the dash and matched the classic green buttons on the head units/processors of the day..
The Alpine-branded alarms had many cool features that other units didn't, such as a remote programmable dual-prox unit and a very unique siren tone, but with DEI taking over the security world Alpine was faced with revamping the entire line and making it more profitable, or relax the line and focus more on mobile video/theater and navi...They chose to do the latter, but I wish they would get back in the game..I own several DEI products, but I miss the unique features and siren sound of the /////ALpine units, you can tell it is YOUR car out there among the multitudes of 6-tone units..
Now, with the disarm switch--it should be a momentary toggle, just press and hold it until the led blinks once...You are in valet...Press and hold again until the LED blinks twice, you are out of valet.
If the alarm is triggered, you can't just hold the button to disarm it--you must first turn on the ignition..

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Sorry, let me edit and clarify...Press and hold the disarm switch until the led lights ONCE, this is in valet mode...Press and hold until the LED blinks twice, this is out of valet...
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