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hey guys!
just wondering, what's with the 2-way speaker thing?or 4-way speaker?i mean, whats the principle behind the "way"?does it differ from 2 channels or 4 channels?i find it a bit confusing hope you can clear my mind on this..
Can you also give me what type of ampli, subwoofer, speaker, and head unit is suitable for 92 honda civic 2dr hatchback..just want my audio set up to be simple. just enough bass, just enough treble..Tnx!!

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A two way speaker is a woofer,used for the low frequencys, with a tweeter, usually mounted in the center of the woofer, for the high notes. When the tweeter is mounted in the center of the woofer the speaker is a coaxial speaker. A slightly better speaker is the braxial which has the tweeter mounted from the edge of the woofer basket. This causes less distortion of sound in the woofer cone but the high notes are still coming form where the speaker is located. The best two-way is a component set. This has a tweeter completely removed from the woofer and this tweeter can be mounted in the best position for you to hear the notes it plays. A three way speaker is a coaxial with a tweeter and a smaller tweeter called a supertweeter both mounted in the center. A four way has two supertweeters and a regular tweeter usually. Three and four ways are are waste of money IMO. I have never heard one that sounds better than a two-way.
As for the set-up for the civic it depends on a couple of factors, are you looking to have a very loud "bumping" car(SPL), or are you interested in balanced high quality sound(SQ). I had a 90 civic hatch and i had 6 1/2" component speakers in the front doors, with two 10" subwoofers in a sealed box in the back. As for the head any Single DIN sized head will fit. Give us an idea of what you want the car to sound like and your budget and we'll help you set it up right.

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I was just wondering if it is worth my time to install my 5.5" Eclipse components in the rear deck of my car. They would be replacing my stock factory speakers. Or should I replace them with a set of 2 way 6x9's? I already have a set of components up front.

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Hey ther! was wonderung if anyone could help me.Iv set up a small car amp 2 my PC.I want to get a more powerfull amp and want 2 no how 2 set up the sub to it.Im going to get a 12' Pioneer sub.Is ther a output control for the sub on the amp? etc
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