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1 last question.ok my subs are 200watts rms and 400 peak.lets say i went ahead and got 2 more subs and 2 of those amps.that gives me 8 subs at 4ohms and 2 1200.1 amps right and if i hook up 4subs to 1 amp at 1ohm THAT WOULD GIVE ME 300WATTS TO EACH SUB RIGHT BETWEEN 200 AND 400 WITCH THE SUBS ARE RATED and if I do the same with the rest would that be logical?or am i still lost.[LOL]ok i had 2 questions the last one is if that will work would you think it would hit as hard as i need and would i need to look for anything special in my head unit thanks for the info and thanks for all the future info in advance

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you can't feed the subs more than their RMS rating, i.e.: 200W. If that's a kicker 1200.1 amp that you have, you can run all 4 subs off that 1 amp

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not necessarily .. i guess it depends on how well made the subs are tho.. cause i know Rs can take alot more than there rms rating and im sure others can to i can say tho cause i havent used any other. plus its not like the subs will be getting 300 unless hes just got the thing cranked all the time

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I have a question for you, why would you want 8 subs?? Do you even have that much space?
Have you tried getting 2 15" subs with higher power ratings instead? For example, you could get 4 200W subs or 1 15" 1000W.
What are you after? SPL or SQ?
In theory, 4 10-12" subs will give better SQ than 1 15-18" sub cause smaller subs will respond much faster.
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