Glasswolf....ANYONE amp probelmes i think


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ok i have a audioban a8000t... the amp is 800w rms@2ohms. i have those dual subs from best buy hooked up to them...right now i have them wired at 2 omhms.... ok the probelm is-when turned most of the way up my speakers in the car are overpowering my subs. i know that is not right and i dont knwo what that is. im 100 sure im wired at 2 ohms and now 4... could it be cuz im using 18 guage speaker wire(i think its 18 guage) i did NOT youse the stuff that came with my 4 guage wireing kit. please help!!

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could be a lot of things but its not the speaker wire size.
re-check your wiring, amp settings, etc.

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ok this is what if figured out from the other board. my wireing is right. at the end i will show u a diagram of how my wireing is. ive played with all of my amp settings. what is happening is that when my hu is at half power everything sounds AWESOME perfect amount of bass and it blends good with my interior speakers. but whe i go any higer than that my car speakers way over power my sub. i can bearly hear it..and the sub is rated for what my amp can do so its not distoritng at all. and ive listined and confirmed that. it seems like my subs arnt working hard at all. there is bearly any air coming out of the porting, and the subs ant even moving back and fouth an inch! i dont think that 80 watts should over power and 800 watt sub. please help me.


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sory i couldnt get the diagram on here but it was like this....two negitives coming out of the amp going to neigitives on sub and two postivies coming outta amp going to postitive on subs

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sorry to say those subs are not rated at 800 watts. Thats a peak power rating. The reason why the subs cant keep up with the interior speakers is because at 1/2 hu volume they are at full excursion and when u turn it up past that they start clipping and dont get ne louder. The excursion on those subs is probally around 4mm one way.

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woah sorry bout that mind must of went bland when i posted subs are RATED at 600wats rms...i used to have those subs hooked up to my home theather and had a 250 watt at 4 ohms amp and the bass was MUCH louder and the subs moved ALOT more. i deff know what your talking about but i dont THINK they are clipping quite yet..they arnt moving enough. if you have aim and would like to help please im me my screen name is partyhardoo69
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