JL1000/1 amp went out??? Pls Help.


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Hey has this ever happened to anyone before?
I've got a JL 1000/1 with IDMAX, all of a sudden it went out. No more sound from the sub.
Next day I replaced it with my 12w7, it worked ok for one day(listened about 1 hour), then all of a sudden it went out again!!!
I'm in the midwest where it's FREEZING, if that helps.
Could it be I've blown both subs?
Is the problem the sub or the amp?
for the amp, the power lite is shows "on."
How can I check if an amp is working properly?

Pls help. Or point me in the right direction.

Thanks very much


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If the amp went out and will turn on after you let it cool down for a little while, it can be a couple of things. Check the ground wire first, make sure it's a solid connection and is grounded to bare metal. Second, make sure the gain is set correctly. Third, check the sub wires and make sure they are not shorting together anywhere. Let me know if any of this helps. That amp has a ton of protection circuitry, so if any fault comes up the amp will shut itself off to prevent damage.
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