What to power these components with?


Well I have a set of infinity 6000cs, and im wondering what would be good to power these with?, also should I get another set for the back? or just leave the back empty and have these up front?

Will these run good off a HU? and alpine 9831? last question, i have some random clarion amp from my uncle, its 25x4, is there anyway this amp can be any use to me with these speakers?

Thanks for your help

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Well if you had to make due with what you got I would take the amp, bridge two of the channels to make it a two channel amp and run those components with 50 watts to each component up front. As to your other question don't get the components for the rear because they will ruin what we call your soundstage. Most music is recorded with only a left and right channel. If you get components in the rear they will drown out what the front components are doing, and being as the driver sits in the front, it won't sound good.

ok thanks, yea I was pretty sure you could bridge the amp. Will 50 watts be good enough to power these components though? theres recommended at 90rms.

Last question is, with just one set of components though, in my mind, my 2 12" 12w3's would just totally drown out the music, is this true or what?
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