Custom box for 2 12"s and 2 6x9 speakers


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Im thinking about makeing a box that will hold 2 12" subs and a pair of 6x9 speakers. Then instead of doing carpet I was gonna cover the MDF in plexiglass. Has anyone ever made a box like this before(with or without the plexiglass) Any kind of diagrams or something out there for this idea?

I'd like to get it done within a week or two so I could enter the car in a show(My current setup back there is a bit messy with a dual 12" box and 2 6x9 boxes) so figured I could do something like this

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what would be the point of covering it in plexiglass? so u can see the mdf through it lol plus its expensive.. how about you go to a close by fabric store and pick up some nice vinyl and cover the box in that. vinyl looks nice you could do some nice trim around the edges as well go to a hardware store home depot or somethin and see what they have. personally i would mount the 6x9s seperatly.

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Saint Petersburg, FL USA

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I have a dark plexiglass that isnt see thru. Thus why I was useing it =P , Either that or I was gonna cover the box in leather/suede. So should I just keep the 6x9 boxes? And mount them somewhere they would look good? I cant put them in the holes made for them since it rattles too much.

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You can keep the 6x9 boxes and do what you want with them, as long as the 6x9s and 12s see separate airspace. The Plexi will work well. I personally like the look of leather and vinyl (if it matches the car interior), you could use that and some foam padding to give the leather a plush, fuller look.

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thats what i want to do with my new box for my IDMAX 12....add like 1/8" foam padding to the outside of the box, then cut out the corners to slightly to give an almost beveled look when i cover it
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