My system setup -- What to get next?


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My current setup in my car is a Pioneer Premier DEH-P8MP head unit, 4x6 Infinity Kappas in the front, and 6x9 Infinity Kappas in the back. I currently have an old 2 channel amplifier (300W RMS 1 chan) that I am not using. Would it be wiser for me to invest in a 4 channel amp for my speakers or in a sub to go with my 2 channel amp?

My guess is that a sub would be better, because I am getting 27W RMS from my HU, and I already have an amp for a sub.

Oh, and my car is a 97 Grand Am Gt if that helps anyone.


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Well you really have 2 choices, ok maybe 3:

1) you could get the sub and when you play your sub you will drown out you mids and highs from your speakers and it will sound like all those ghetto kids driving around listening only to bass.

2) You could invest in a 4 channel amp that will liven up your infinitys and even with the 6x9's in the rear you will get more bass, but nothing like a real sub. My brother is doing in his integra because he needs his trunk for his hockey stuff.

3) you could buy a 4 channel amp and a sub and have a complete system. Not sure if you have the funds for this but judging by the higher end speakers and deck you bought I would say this is the best choice!
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