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I am really sold on buying a Pioneer Premier Head Unit as soon as I get my amp and sub installed. Right now I have a Pioneer DEH-MP4500.

I am looking at getting either the Premier DEH-P750 or the DEH-P930.

The 750 can be had for $235, or the 930 for $394. I'm interested in the high voltage (6.5)triple preouts on these units. I am interested in the internal 13-band EQ on the 930, but i'm worried about the motorized face messing up in the long run.

Can anybody give me any advice about either of these models? I really want to get one of the two.

Thanks all for the help


Tim L.
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i would get the 930.. i wouldn't worry TOO MUCH about the face motor.. unless you like to open n close it a little too much.. i mean, would you be happy if it lasted you at least 4 years?..

GlassWolf do you have any advice?

You seem to know a decent amount about all this stuff, and you said you used to sell these units....

Help would be appreciated!!

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I wouldn't worry too much about the motors going bad, they really aren't getting put under much stress at all. I really wouldn't let the EQ differences be the deciding factor between the two decks. If the 930 has other features you really like then go for it, but dont do it just because of the 13 band graphic eq. With a little understanding of how a parametric EQ works and the amount of control you have over it... a 3 band parametric with seperate sub level is PLENTY.
If the 6v preouts are a big feature for you, you may want to look into the detailed specs to find out what resistance this voltage was measured at. I know certain manufacturers used to measure the preout voltages at a miniscule resistance that would never occur in the real world.

For around the $400 mark I would really recommend looking into the Alpine units I feel they have a better EQ and DSP section and a little clearer sound.

If you can stretch the money a little and get by with less bells and whistles I would very highly suggest the Eclipse brand head units. They sound great and extremely clear. the CD8443 is around $420 and features a true 8v preamps outs x3

Just my thoughts

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the motor shouldn't be an issue.
If you are concerned, get an extended warranty on the unit at time of purchase for a few bucks more, and be sure the unit is purchased from an authorized dealer.
My Alpine has a motorized face, and my previous JVC did as well, and neither of them ever gave me trouble.
By the time that motor wears out, you'll be ready to upgrade for newer features anyway.

I have a couple of Alpine EQs that recently failed, but it's easy enough to get them repaired, and they lasted over 10 years each before they had a component fail on a PCboard.
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