So my buddy finds this amp...


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just when i decide to put a system in my car, my buddy finds this amp in a park. he says he fixed it up and it works fine (lets assume so) and i am thinking about putting it in my car. I just want to know some specs on this thing before i do anything, b/c i cannot find out anything about says "ultradrive" in the middle and z1200 in the lower right, and weighs about 12lbs and is black...i do believe that makes it a cadence brand, but i cannot find the exact picture anywhere (i checked the cadence site)...i'd be happy to send a picture of it to someone...i just want to know how much it puts out, how much it is worth, and if it would be good for my infinity perfect system for the highs

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"750 Watts @ 2 ohm Mono Sub amp "

Thats all the info I could basically find about it. And I seen one place selling it for $449.

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A picture would help. Post a shot of the amp from the top, side, front and back. That'll help to determine the power of the amp and some of the features.

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the picture files are like 60kb, so too big to post...what is the difference b/w a sub amp and a regular one? can you use a sub amp for regular speakers?

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not really. mono amps only give out mono sound and not stereo. and they dont have any high pass filters, so ur speakers will be playing all your low frequency bass. and the amp gives out 750w @2 ohm. so uve got to find 750w worth of speakers and then wire them to give 2ohms

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what type of amp should i buy to complete my system? i have a self powered sub, so i dont need to worry about that, i have a clarion proaudio receiver, kappa perfects up front (100w), and some other kappas in back (62.5i i think at 75w)..i need something to help the highs, b/c if the volume gets too high, then the sound is scratched...i am figuring i will need like what, (25-100w RMS, 400w peak for perfects...2-75w RMS 225w peak)? help me out here
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